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How to root Android 7.0?   

Barbara Vega
@barb | Updated 24 Jun. 2019

How to Root Android 7.0 -Odin the solution

The freshest of the Android family, the sweetest yet, Android 7.0 Nougat. This version has been officially released for a little time and as the freshest and newest Operating system in the android family, many people wonder if they should root or not. Of course over the years the OS has managed to leap far with its functionalities and performance etc but there are still a few features that need rooting to be accessible regardless of their android phones or tabs being fresh out of the market. 

At present Android Nougat OS is exclusively available on Google Pixel, Pixel XL and LG V20 smartphones. As the device model manufacturers customize android nougat for their own brand devices, it will be extending to smartphone brands such as Samsung, HTC, Sony, OnePlus and Xiaomi in the coming future.


So you really want to root your phone huh? Well, look no more as my personal favorite rooting app "Odin" will do the work for you. Odin offers every Android user a fast, safe and secure software solution for rooting purposes. Of course, Odin cannot be found on Google play store so you have to go to their official website and get the APK from there. Odin is my own personal recommendation as it has never failed to meet my expectations and you too to try as well since it has integrated a number of exploits and it is convenient.

Through the APK version, you need not a PC integration for the root process. The APK offers the newest android users a fast and simple way to root their android phones. But in case you fail the rooting process, it is suggested you try through the Odin android PC version as PC version does have a slightly higher success rate. Because it has more rooting scrips which supports a wider variety of devices.

Step by step

  • Downloading the app and installing it is the first step. But make sure you have allowed download from external sources otherwise your phone won't allow it to be installed either download.


  • Make sure to download it to a recognizable folder so you don't lose it
  • Pop up warnings are typical for this sort of app, therefore, "ok" to all warnings and proceed. 

These are the simple steps you must follow for rooting android and this has been the guide for how to root android 7.0. You won't be disappointed I personally assure you.