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How to improve test performance?   

Sanjay Togadiya
@Conductexam | Updated 22 Mar. 2019

Priyanka patel
@[email protected] | Posted 19 Mar. 2019

Simple Strategies For Improving Test Performance

Every student wants to get higher marks in an exam but sometimes, they fail to get the right guidance for exams so let’s see simple strategies for improving test performance. These are quick guidelines for getting more score in exams which helps every student to give the best test performance.

1) Keep Notes

Keeping Notes is the basic and fundamental requirements to get more score in exams.  It is important for not only last reading time but also to remember the respective subject’ concept in shortly rather than long details of this subject. Having good lecture notes can make all difference in the world when it comes to maximizing performance on an exam. Let’s see how to prepare good motes?

There are two methods to keep notes.

a) Go to class regularly

For keeping daily notes, a student should go to class regularly. If you miss the class, not to worry but collect the notes from classmates.

b) Listen and constraint in class

Keeping notes is not complete enough because notes without understanding the concept are no more effective for the perfect preparation of the exam so keep constraintion and listen to lectures carefully.

2) Develop a schedule for managing time effectively

To manage time effectively, you maintain a perfect schedule. A schedule is for only to do the task at a particular time level so don’t make a tight schedule. Make schedule as per your preference. Try to stick your schedule in daily routine but don’t take it rigidly.

3) Don’t do any last-minute studying

It’s regular for students to go through the 10 minutes before a test doing some very considering time before the exam. This may give some mental efforts, yet in general, it accomplishes not reliable than advance preparation for the exam. This may impact negatively on test performance.

so what to do before the exam?

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