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Updated 23 Jan. 2019

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KVCW is known to be a CW affiliate station that was established on 26 August 1987; Sinclair Broadcast Group owns the rights of its ownership. The service has a duopoly with its sibling network and KSNV (an NBC affiliate station) which telecasts on Channel 3. Both of the sister stations share the same headquarter located at Foremaster Lane in Las Vegas. The CW Las Vegas’ transmitter site is situated at Black Mountain. Cox Communications telecasts the service at channel six on cable service and also carries its HD telecast at Ch 1006. Network’s second digital sub-station affiliated with MyNetworkTV can be accessed at Ch. 12 for standard quality and at Ch. 1012 for High Definition.  

On 22 April 1987, 4-A Communications had success, in acquiring construction permit from the Federal Communication Commission. The full-power TV station would operate on UHF Ch. 33 under Channel 33, Inc’s ownership. Teri DePaulis and Lawrence was the owner of KFBT which came online on 30 July 1989 to test its signal strength; the previous license was approved a month later. McCullough Range acted as the original location of the transmitter in the southwest side of Henderson. On 20 July 1990, Daniel Koker got Channel 33, Inc. and owned KFBT. The independent channel telecasted the shows under Danny with local content and movies. Watch KVCW Las Vegas Live Streaming here.

On 11 January 1995, upon the establishment of The WB, the station became the upstart network’s charter affiliate and did not change its status until Montecito Broadcasting Corporation bought Channel 33, Inc. from Koker Family on 18 December 1997; the sale was ended on 3 February 1998. Sinclair Broadcast Group made a deal to get all the latest acquisitions; Montecito entered an LMA with Sinclair on the same date when the sale was ended, i.e. 3 February 1998.
KVCW telecasts syndicated content which include Steve Wilkos, Access, Judge Mathis, Two Broke Girls, Jerry Springer, and few others.