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How to Unlock iCloud Account?   

Ana Kinkade Writer
@AnaKinkade | Posted 18 Feb. 2019

iCloud is a strategy used upon iOS devices by its manufacture. The purpose of iCloud activation lock is to avoid any external party getting into the device and using it without the owner’s permission.

Though iCloud is not an issue for brand new iOS users, it is irritating for second-hand users because they can't get into their iOS device even they have officially paid for it.

Therefore they have to Unlock iCloud account and here are some of the famous methods to do that!

  • Official iPhone Unlock
  • Bypass iCloud Activation Tool
  • Doulci iCloud Unlocking Tool

Out of these, the official iPhone Unlock method which uses IMEI number of your iOS device is considered as the best way to unlock your iCloud account. By visiting the Official iPhone Unlock website and providing your IMEI you will be able to do that easily!