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How do you clean plantation shutters?   

Updated 06 Jun. 2019

Shutter World window Treatments /Dressing (Plantation Shutters)
@shutterworld | Posted 04 Jun. 2019

  1. Use a feather or microfiber duster for dusting each week to clean your blinds or shutters. Dusting regularly will prevent you from backbreaking work later.
  2. Use a paintbrush to clean extremely dirty blinds and plantation shutters. Dip the paintbrush into hot soapy water, oil soap, or plain water for extra cleaning power. Be sure to use a dry cloth to remove excess cleaner and clean the brush often to prevent transferring dirt.
  3. You can clean the slats with a cloth or towel if you do it on a regular basis. Spray the towel lightly with dust remover, close the blinds or shutters, place the towel over the slats and rub side to side. Reverse the slats and do the other side to complete the job.

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