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Can someone suggest a good budgeting software?   

Posted 14 Feb. 2019

Sofia Kazmi
@SofiaKazmi | Posted 14 Feb. 2019

Budgeting is a key to small biz success and ProfitBoard makes it quick & simple. Be it monthly budget, annual budget or budget for project-based or customer industry based budgets.

Monthly financial head based budget

ProfitBoard helps business owners to plan a monthly budget with setting their priority income & expenses month wise to analyze the variance between planned & achieved budget goals

Annual budget

With ProfitBoard set your business’s achievable goals for a year, analyze its monthly performance and plan your budget accordingly for profitable growth.
 Project/search based budget

Know how much spent and how much revenue gained from an individual project and accordingly set your project wise goals with ProfitBoard

You can sign up here for a free account.