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Are plantation shutters a good idea for a home with kids and pets?   

Updated 06 Jun. 2019

Shutter World window Treatments /Dressing (Plantation Shutters)
@shutterworld | Posted 04 Jun. 2019

Look for something with an anchored lift system to keep your blinds functional, yet safe, for your cat. Your pets love looking out of the windows but they might paw horizontal slats and cause damage. When you install vertical blinds, they can simply poke their nose through to get a good look without hurting your window treatments. There are pet-friendly and harmless solutions that will bother their taste buds or their sense of smell but won't harm your pets. With dogs, a sour apple spray makes window treatments an unappealing snack. Cats can be discouraged from bothering your blinds with simple citrus spray.

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